Basis For The Quality Of Finished Part.

The semi-finished products for our finished machined parts are produced to high quality standards.

Cold Drawing

The cold drawing process ensures a smooth surface, work-hardening and excellent dimensional accuracy. The hardening diagram shows approximate values for a melt for material 1.4301 (taken from the Nirosta material data sheets).

The initial values for Rp0.2 = 210 N/mm² and Rm = 600 N/mm² at an elongation of roughly 55% change with 20% work hardening to Rp0.2≈800 N/mm² and Rm≈900 N/mm² at an elongation of roughly 22%.

This significant change in the property of the material does allow greater static loading of the parts. The dynamic stress limits have to be considered separately.

Special Forms Of Semi-Finished Products

By matching the profile as closely as possible to the cross-section of the resulting part we are able to produce machined parts efficiently and cost-effectively. Profiles therefore offer potential for reducing costs in terms of the materials and equipment used and the labour and energy costs


We use many different production methods which allows us to supply immediate demand by machining a standard flat steel product. We can thus bridge the delivery time for the optimum semi-finished product.