Technical Rail Components

Nosta uses a number of different methods to produce technical components. For rail industry applications we also have extensive technical knowledge – including all the latest technological developments – and can offer real alternatives when necessary. Our advantages include the expertise of our qualified employees, experience, willingness to innovate and flexibility.

The Nosta Service package includes:

  • Use of rolled or drawn bars, or parts cut from plates
  • Cost-effective part-off methods
  • All the commonly-used cutting technologies for one-off and series production, generally carried out on CNC-controlled universal machines, sometimes in DNC systems or by complete machining using 5-axis CNC.
  • Laser equipment
  • Various technologies for deburring mass-produced parts
  • Stamping and bending equipment
  • Welding equipment
  • Coated (e.g. Geomet, Delta Seal), painted or galvanised surfaces, plus heat treatment provided in collaboration with qualified contractors
  • In-house construction of fixtures, tools, special machinery and automated testing equipment