deno-Since it was first founded in 1976, nosta GmbH has been based in the Bavarian city of Höchstädt in southern Germany on the banks of the Danube.

It is from here that we deliver to our customers all over the world and from where we maintain our international business contacts. Our family started a company with just 20 people, that now ranks amongst the quality leaders worldwide. Highly skilled and committed professionals at our facility, coupled with the stable system of values characteristic of a family-owned company, have made this success possible. We consider the long term.

Commercial success and responsibility as a business partner and employer go hand-in-hand for us. Together with our dedicated workforce, we’re always on the ball, progressing and developing new ideas. This is what makes us especially flexible and efficient. As our business partner and customer, this is something you can rely on – even today, with the company’s second generation at the helm.


stays in the family


Since it was founded in 1976, Nosta GmbH has been based in the Bavarian town of Höchstädt an der Donau. From here we deliver to customers all over the world and maintain our international business contacts. With 20 employees, our family started a company that is now one of the worldwide quality leaders in its sector. Qualified and committed specialists onsite and the stable values system of a family-run business enabled this success. In our view, economic success goes hand in hand with responsibility as a business partner and employer. Together with our committed employees we are always on the ball; we develop and move forward with new ideas. That makes us particularly flexible and efficient. As our business partner and customer, you can count on that.

Our growth factor is trust

DENO is the global specialist for high-quality technical components and engineering solutions. With DENO standard, DENO connect, DENO rail and DENO tailor-made we have positioned ourselves as a quality supplier in the high-growth markets. Apart from the production of standard parts, we are also a specialist for the production of parts and assemblies to customer drawings.

Exceeding objectives


Our customers' trust in DENO quality is essential for our actions. We not only want to achieve the objectives or targets set by our customers but exceed them through continuous improvement – naturally without additional costs. We achieve this by optimally consolidating skills and expertise: orientating out firm on the TQM principles, our engineering skills and DENO 's special production technology. In this way, we offer our customers both economic efficiency and technical excellence. We strive for continual growth in quality. With the expansion of our services and a large and diverse offering, we promote this quality still further, because we want to be the partner with a special trust bonus – for customers all over the world.

Strong employees.
Outstanding engineering.

State-of-the-art technology needs people that know how to use it. Our advantage is the synergy resulting from excellent technical standards and highly qualified, committed employees. They are the heart and support of our company.

Production islands and skilled competence teams

Our processes are continuously adjusted and optimised so that all employees are integrated within the operation with their know-how. We attach importance to modern management and leadership methods, which let each employee think and act as an entrepreneur. We encourage communication through production islands in production and competence teams in administration. Transparent 360° assessment ensures constructive flow of information. It not only provides our employees with appreciation and involvement, but far more: operative and strategic influence on the development of the company.