T-Slot Nuts For Slots 5mm, M3–M5 Steel Zinc-Plated

T-Kanal Somunları, 5 mm,M3–M5Çelik (Çinko Kaplama)T-Kanal Somunları, 5 mm,M3–M5Çelik (Çinko Kaplama) 2

Standard Configuration
Material: Steel Zinc-Plated; T-slot nuts, slot 5 with raised center, ball and spring
Spring: 1.1200;
Ball: 1.3505;


100 each, T-slot nuts, 5 mm, M3, Part No. 99 22 184 007N
Special versions in optional length with several borings are available on request.
T-Kanal Somunları, 5 mm,M3–M5Çelik (Çinko Kaplama) 3