Rhombus Steel Grade8 Zinc Plated 10 Quenched Tempered

Eşkenar-Dörtgen,-Çelik-(Kalite-8,-Çinko-Kaplama) Eşkenar-Dörtgen,-Çelik-(Kalite-8,-Çinko-Kaplama)2

Standard Configuration
C45+C or equivalent, zinc-plated;
Standard: EN 10277-2, EN 10083-2;
Material: grade 10 (quenched and tempered) **, C45+C+QT or equivalent;
Standard: EN 10277-2, EN 10083-2;


100 each, rhombus-T-slot nut, M12 x 14, quenched and tempered, Part No. 08 1S 14 M12

Additional dimensions and materials on request. The rhombus nut may be installed in any place of the T-slot. Rotation aid through partial plastic coating in the thread on request.
* Dimension A for T-slots per DIN 650. ** Version C45 quenched and tempered is not defined in DIN 508.