T-Slot Sliding Nut For T-SlotScrew M8 Stainless Steel 1.4301

T-Kanal-Cıvatası-İçin-T-Kanal-Kayar-Somunu-M8-Paslanmaz-Çelik-(1 T-Kanal-Cıvatası-İçin-T-Kanal-Kayar-Somunu-M8-Paslanmaz-Çelik-(1

Standard Configuration
Material: 1.4301-2H;
Strength: Rm ≥ 700 N/mm², Rp0,2 ≥ 450 N/mm²;
Standard: EN 10088-3;

250 each, T-slot sliding nut, stainless steel for M8, 25 x 22, Part No. 99 12 461 020
T-slot screw completely assembled with attached hexagon screw or other configurations on request. The hexagon screw ISO 4017 shown for demonstration purposes only.
*SW = AF (across flats)