T-Slot Nuts

Sürgülü-T-kanal-somunlarSlide-in T-slot nuts

Slide-in T-slot nuts can be retrofitted if the ends of the profiles are closed.

Yuvarlanarak-sokulan-T-kanal-somunlarıRoll-in T-slot nuts

Roll-in T-slot nuts can be fitted at any position on the slot. They are ideal installing on existing assemblies. The T-slot and the T-slot nut must be of matching size.

T-kanallar-için-döndürmeli-T-kanal-somunlarıT-kanallar-için-döndürmeli-T-kanal-somunlarıSwivel-in T-slot nuts

Swivel-in T-slot nuts for T-slots can be installed in any position on the slot. They are ideal for installing on existing assemblies. Rhombus nuts and hammer nuts can be used in this way, as can hammer head screws.
We have a number of aids to assist positioning of the swivel-in nuts, such as grooves in the T-slot nut, self-locking screw threads, integrated locking keys or plastic inserts.